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Frequently Asked Questions



Q-  Do you take special requests?

A-  Due to our low volume business model, we are able to take your custom requests.  Please send an email to us at with your specific requests, and we will create a custom quote for you.

Q-  Why are Abie Straps more expensive than other camera straps on the market? 

A- In designing the first Abie Straps, I focussed on what my ideal strap would look like, feel like, and how it would function.  I am a professional photographer, and I couldn't find anything on the market that addressed style, quality, and comfort at the same time.  I could have chosen materials and construction methods based on lower production costs, but I put comfort and quality first, regardless of the cost to make it.  I chose to create the best strap, not the easiest or cheapest to make.

I am excited that the leather craftsmen who sew our straps are based in the USA and also sew the high-end, low production lines for Coach Handbags, Calvin Klein as well as many other exclusive lines by the top New York designers.  I don't make the straps myself in my basement because I can't.  The skills needed are very specialized and I had to go to New York City to find them.

I realize that these straps are more expensive than others on the market, but for us, cost was secondary, and quality was the primary factor in all of my design decisions.  I feel confident that there are enough other photographers who are willing to pay more for a better product.

Q-  Do you ship to other countries?

A-  Yes, we do.  We have shipped to India, Singapore, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa and more!


Q-  What is your return policy?

A-  We will accept returns within 180 days of purchase if for any reason you are not satisfied.  We will refund your full purchase price.


Q-  How do you ship your straps?

A-  Our straps are shipped via USPS Priority mail within two business days of receiving your order.



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